JYSK is a strong supporter of green energy, we have been a member of FSC Denmark since 2006. Our entire wooden garden furniture is FSC-certified.

We have also committed to increase the number of FSC-certified products in our assortment, and by the end of 2024, all JYSK products and packaging made from wood, cardboard or paper will be FSC-certified.

We are also a member of the Better Cotton Initiative, which is the world’s largest initiative to make cotton.

Production better for the people who grow it: ethically as well as environmentally. 2 million farmers have been trained under this initiative to grow cotton efficiently with less use of water and pesticides.

JYSK has also removed all single use plastic from our product assortment, and have introduced a line of smart products made of 100% recycled plastic. We are also changing materials used for packaging from colored boxes with photos to solid cardboard.

All our textiles live up to OEKO TEX certification, which guarantees no presence of any harmful substances, the same applies to furniture that is upholstered with textiles.

JYSK is also a member of the Danish Ethical Trading Initiative which brings together the business community, labor movement and social organizations.

Last not least, JYSK is against any type of animal cruelty. We do not accept it, and our suppliers are obliged to comply with our set of rules. Duvets and pillows are among our core products and these contain down and feather: we do not pluck from live birds, ever and we continuously monitor our supply chain in cooperation with the International Down and Feather Laboratory.

We only use products with down and feather which are bi-products of the food industry.

JYSK’s commitment to the environment will remains on top of its vision for 2022.

In his latest meeting with the press, director of FSC Denmark, Søren Grue, was thrilled that JYSK, one of the biggest retailers in the world, have made that commitment including the use FSC certified wood.

” When a large retailer like JYSK breaks out and sets ambitious sustainability targets, it creates a ripple effect. It is not just a matter of raising the ambitions of sub-suppliers and partners. It is also about sending a strong signal within their segment of business to inspire others to raise the bar and set ambitious targets. It is exactly this kind of ambition we need to put an end to unsustainable forestry,” says Søren Grue.