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A wardrobe is an essential piece of furniture in your bedroom. Whether you're a clothes hoarder or you like to keep your storage space minimalistic, at JYSK there's choices for everyone. With a large selection of wardrobes ranging in size, colour and finish you're sure to find what you're looking for that's not only functional but also suits your style!

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  1. Wardrobe BILLUND 80x192 white/concrete
  2. Wardrobe FAVRBO 139x220 oak/white
  3. Top cabinet HAGENDRUP 96x41 oak
  4. Wardrobe TARP 250x221 w/mirror white
  5. Wardrobe TARP 120x201 white
  6. Wardrobe TARP 151x201 concrete/white
  7. Wardrobe TARP 120x201 concrete/white
  8. Insert for TARP/ONSTED 120 wardrobe
  9. Wardrobe VEDDE 220x197 wild oak
  10. Wardrobe VEDDE 166x197 w/mirror wild oak
  11. Wardrobe VEDDE 167x197 white
  12. Wardrobe VEDDE 90x197 wild oak
  13. Wardrobe VINDERUP 200x200 combi oak
  14. Wardrobe BELLE 80x190 white/oak
  15. Wardrobe EJERSTED 144x200 oak
  16. Wardrobe EJERSTED 144x200 white
  17. Wardrobe ESKEBJERG 85x176 white
  18. Wardrobe FAVRBO 139x220 oak/white
  19. Wardrobe GENTOFTE 180x220 oak
  20. Wardrobe GENTOFTE 144x220 oak
  21. Wardrobe GENTOFTE 144x220 white
  22. Top cabinet HAGENDRUP 96x41 white
  23. Top cabinet HAGENDRUP 143x40 oak
  24. Wardrobe HELSINGE 144x209 highglosswhite
  25. Wardrobe KJELLERUP 122x201 white/oak
  26. Wardrobe ONSTED 250x221 w/mirror black
  27. Wardrobe ONSTED 250x221 w/mirror white
  28. Wardrobe ONSTED 250x221 white highgloss
  29. Wardrobe ONSTED 202x221 white highgloss
  30. Wardrobe ONSTED 151x201 white highgloss
  31. Wardrobe ONSTED 120x201 white highgloss
  32. Wardrobe ONSTED 151x201 w/mirror white
  33. T-insert w/rail for ONSTED 250 wardrobe
  34. Shelves ONSTED 123x46 2 pcs white
  35. Insert for ONSTED 250 wardrobe
  36. Wardrobe SLAGELSE 150x198 oak/white
  37. Wardrobe TARP 250x221 white high gloss
  38. Shelves TARP 57x45 2 pcs/pk white
  39. Shelves TARP 123x46 2 pcs/pk white
  40. Insert for TARP 120 wardrobe
  41. Wardrobe TARP 151x201 w/mirror white
  42. Shelves TARP 73x45 2 pcs/pk white
  43. Insert for TARP 151 wardrobe
  44. Insert for TARP 202 wardrobe
  45. Wardrobe TARP 151x201 white
  46. Soft-close TARP slidingdoors accessories
  47. Shelves TARP/ONSTED 98x45 2 pcs. white
  48. Shelves TARP/ONSTED 73x45 2 pcs. white
  49. Shelves TARP/ONSTED 57x45 2 pcs. white
  50. Insert for TARP/ONSTED 202 wardrobe
  51. Insert for TARP/ONSTED 151 wardrobe
  52. Wardrobe VINDERUP 100x200 combi white
  53. Wardrobe VINDERUP 150x200 combi white
  54. Wardrobe VINDERUP 100x200 combi oak
  55. Wardrobe VINDERUP 151x201 combi oak
  56. Wardrobe VINDERUP 200x201 combi white
  57. Wardrobe VINDERUP 151x201 combi white
  58. Wardrobe VINDERUP 101x201 combi white
  59. Wardrobe VINDERUP 151x201 combi oak
  60. Wardrobe VINDERUP 101x201 combi oak

63 Items

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