Hallway Units


The hall is the first thing you see when you come home after a long day, and it is also here that you welcome guests into your home. That is why many of us seek out furniture that makes for a neat and tidy hallway as well as an attractive one.

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  1. Coat stand VANDSTED white/bamboo
  2. Coat rack GAMBY 6 coloured hooks/black
  3. Knobs HADSTEN 5 pcs/pk
  4. Coat rack GREVE 5+5 hooks black
  5. Bench AALESTRUP w/cusion black
  6. Trolley ALBERTSLUND grey/chrome
  7. Shoe cabinet DAMHUS 4 shelves dark grey
  8. Bench EGEDAL light grey
  9. Coat rack GALSTED 5 hooks black
  10. Coat rack GALSTED 5 hooks white
  11. Planter box GULDBORG D:37 gold
  12. Knobs HADSTEN marble 5 pcs/pk
  13. Shoe shelf ODENSE white
  14. Planter box PADBORG black
  15. Trolley SORTEBRO black
  16. Shoe rack UGGERBY 2 shelves white
  17. Shoe cabinet VALBY 3 comp. white
  18. Shoe rack VANDSTED 2 shelves bamboo
  19. Bench VANDSTED grey/bamboo
  20. Coat rack GREVE 5+5 hooks white
  21. Decorative ladder BINDSLEV bamboo
  22. Bench BJERGHUSE black/natural
  23. Shoe rack BORNHOLM 4 shelves black
  24. Coat stand CIRKELHUSE black
  25. Hallway shelf EGESKOV metal/white
  26. Shoe rack EGESKOV 2 shelves metal/white
  27. Bench EGESKOV w/shoe shelves metal/white
  28. Trolley GANGSTED oak/black
  29. Trolley GATTEN white
  30. Shoe rack HALS 4 shelves black
  31. Shoe rack HALS 2 shelves black
  32. Trolley KANSTRUP light sand
  33. Shoe cabinet VEDDE 2 comp. wild oak
  34. Coat stand SEJS oak
  35. Pedestal THORVALD W27xL27xH54cm black
  36. Bench VADEHAVET natural
  37. Coat stand VAMMEN black
  38. Coat stand VAMMEN white
  39. Knobs VANDSTED 3 pcs/pk bamboo
  40. Decorative ladder VANDSTED bamboo
  41. Bench VEDDE 2 drawers wild oak
  42. Coat rack VIRUM 6 hooks black
  43. Shoe rack VIRUM 2 shelves white
  44. Bench VIRUM black

46 Items

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