A tidy home is a happy home! Does your house magically fill up with odds and ends that take up space and create a mess? If so, the solution to this problem lies in practical storage.

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  1. Basket EJNO W22xL31xH15cm w/white fabric
  2. -41%
    Basket LAUE W39xL30xH25cm black with handle
  3. Storage basket FILO W24xL18xH12cm ass.
  4. Basket EBBE W20xL25xH16cm ass.
  5. -43%
    Basket CATO W20xL25xH16cm ass.
  6. Basket DION W30xL30xH28cm ass.
  7. Basket INFINITY 17L plastic grey
  8. Basket INFINITY 11L plastic grey
  9. Basket INFINITY 4,5L plastic grey
  10. Basket INFINITY 17L plastic black
  11. Basket INFINITY 17L plastic white
  12. Basket INFINITY 11L plastic black
  13. Basket INFINITY 11L white
  14. Basket INFINITY 4,5L plastic black
  15. Basket INFINITY 4,5L plastic white
  16. Basket CASPERSEN W17xL23xH13cm ass.
  17. -26%
    Basket THORMOD W24xL34xH18cm natural
  18. -27%
    Basket GRAVERS W15xL15xH15cm ass.
  19. Basket SVANTE Diameter-37xH45cm black/white
  20. -34%
    Basket BJARNE W21xL28xH16cm ass.
  21. -40%
    Basket HJALTE Diameter-32xH24cm seagrass
  22. -40%
    Basket HANNIBAL set of 3
  23. -32%
    Basket DENNIS W29xL29xH20cm seagrass
  24. Basket TROELS W30xL30xHH30cm grey
  25. Basket EVERT W29xL34xH17cm maize ass.
  26. -26%
    Basket THORMOD W24xL34xH18cm black
  27. -40%
    Basket HAUGE W26xL36xH19cm ass.
  28. Basket FRANS W32xL28xH30cm assorted
  29. Basket FRANS W32xL27xH20cm assorted
  30. Basket FINNIAN W32xL28xH30cm ass.

Items 1-30 of 70

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