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Whether you are working in an office or working from home, the environment must be styled to increase productivity – and that’s where JYSK can step in and create the perfect working environment you need to get your job done. Shop our collection of versatile and stylish office furniture to achieve the look you want that will help to get you in the zone for completing your tasks.

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  1. -10%
    Desk STEGE 40x120 white high gloss
  2. -10%
    !Desk ABBETVED 48x120 oak/white
  3. -10%
    Desk MESINGE 60x118 white
  4. -10%
    Desk LANGESKOV 60x110 high gloss/oak
  5. -10%
    Desk MARSLEV 60x110 white
  6. -10%
    !Desk MESINGE 60x118 white
  7. -10%
    !Desk LANGESKOV 60x110 high gloss/oak
  8. -10%
    Desk HERNING 45x80 white
  9. -10%
    Desk BILLUND 54x120 concrete/white
  10. -10%
    Desk LANGAGER 41-107x107-165 oak/white
  11. -10%
    !Desk TAMHOLT 50x100 white/oak
  12. -10%
    Desk ABBETVED 48x120 oak/white
  13. -10%
    Desk ULLITS 69x140 concrete/high gloss
  14. -10%
    Desk VEDDE 53x120 wild oak
  15. -10%
    !Desk ABBETVED 48x120 oak/black
  16. -10%
    Desk ABBETVED 48x120 oak/black
  17. -10%
    Desk KALBY 60x120 light oak
  18. -10%
    Desk VANDBORG/RAVNKILDE 60x120 oak/blck
  19. -10%
    Desk HALLUND 59x119 oak
  20. -10%
    !Desk STEGE 40x120 white high gloss
  21. -10%
    Desk TRAPPEDAL 48x95cm oak/black

21 Items

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