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Coffee/End Tables


You’ve got your sofa, armchair and TV in place – but have you picked out your coffee table yet?

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  1. Coffee table VEDDE 60x110 wild oak
  2. End table DOKKEDAL 60x60 concrete/black
  3. Coffee table KALBY 60x120 light oak
  4. Coffee table NORDBY 80x80 white
  5. Coffee table DOKKEDAL 75x115 grey/black
  6. End table BAKKEBJERG 40cm white/natural
  7. Coffee table LEJRE 60x120 oak
  8. Coffee table LEJRE 48x85 oak
  9. Coffee table LEJRE 60x120 white/oak
  10. Coffee table GADEVANG 65cm white/gold
  11. Coffee table HINNERUP 75x120 black
  12. Coffee table PANDRUP 70x110 white/gold
  13. Coffee table RANDERUP D:75 black
  14. End table TAPS 55x55 white/bamboo
  15. Coffee table TRAPPEDAL 50x100 oak/black
  16. Coffee table TROSTERUD 50x100 marble
  17. End table VEDDE 50x50 wild oak
  18. Nest of tables ORDRUP D:50/40cm glass/oak
  19. Coffee table VIRUM 60x90 w/shelf black
  20. End table TERP 55cm oak/black
  21. End table TERP �40 oak/black
  22. End table SKIBBY 50cm white
  23. Coffee table LEJRE 48x85 white/oak
  24. End table HALLUND 50x50 oak
  25. Coffee table HASLUND 60x120 oak
  26. Coffee table GALTEN 75cm white
  27. Coffee table VEDDE 60x110 wild oak
  28. Coffee table STEGE 60x120 high gloss
  29. End table BJERGHUSE D:56 black/natural
  30. End table GADEVANG �45 white/gold
  31. Coffee table HADBJERG D:70 oak/black
  32. Coffee table HINNERUP 75x120 light oak
  33. Coffee table OKSLUND 60x110 natural
  34. Nest of tables ORDRUP ?50/40 glass/oak
  35. Coffee table SKIBBY 80 w/shelf white
  36. End table SQUARE 40x40 black/glass
  37. Coffee table TAMHOLT 50x100 wh/natural
  38. Coffee table HALSKOV 65x100 brown/black
  39. End table UPTOWN D:60 black

44 Items

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