Decor Trends To Define Interior Design In 2023

Decor Trends To Define Interior Design In 2023

The new year gives a great chance to contemplate everything that has happened in the past 365 days. It provides a moment to sit and reflect on what has happened and what is to come. This is especially true in the world of home decor and interiors.

Leading interior designers have already shared their predictions for what homeowners can expect and embrace in 2023. Here is a quick run-through of the decor trends that are believed to redefine interior design this year.

Home Mid-Century Decor

The 60's and '70s decor will make its way back in favor this year. It will influence everything from interior color palettes to the choice of home furniture and complementing decor.

Homes will shift drastically from the bright shiny "mod" city vibes to the rustic side of modern mid-century design. Organic shapes, uneven earthy tones, and textural finishes will play a key role in creating this style. If you want to incorporate this theme into your house, consider unvarnished handmade decor pieces with earthy-rooted details.

Curves and Arches

Sharp edges, a great hit in the past few years, will see a swift move towards softer shapes in 2023. We can expect to see more arched doorways, entrances, curved furniture, and rounded sculptural forms and decors.

Interior decors surprisingly have a cycle. Not too long ago, the world followed a phase of modernism with more square edges and straight lines defining interior styles. Now we are about to see curves and arches offering a weak outlook on home architecture and theme.

One of the simplest ways to apply this trend in your home is through sofas, armchairs, vases, mirrors, and other small intricate circle-shaped decor.

Gallery Walls

Another decor trend that is expected to make a comeback in 2023 is the gallery walls. With the whole world trying to keep up with inflation, gallery walls will make an affordable decor alternative to freshen up old and pale walls with a pop of dramatic colors - without investing in expensive or large art pieces.

They are also relatively easy to create by sourcing a mix of thrift, vintage, and new frames. Designers expect gallery walls to be more popular than ever this year and focused on an antique theme, making it a cost-effective option for a home makeover.

Intricate Kitchen Decor

So far, home decor has always been centered or limited to the living and dining room and sometimes includes the bedroom and other outdoor or open spaces. The kitchen takes the least attention for home decor and is often concerned more with storage and organizing.

In 2023, this pattern will change as there is a surprisingly shocking interest in vintage and retro kitchen decor among homemakers. Kitchenwares, interiors, furniture, and accents will see a colorful blend of the 70s trends and include some of the year's top colour predictions like paprika and viva magenta.

Dopamine Dressing

This is one of the most interesting decor trends ever to evolve in the past decade. Dopamine decor is a concept where home decor and furniture are consciously selected based on a colour pattern that will provoke a feeling of happiness.

Biologically speaking, dopamine is a hormone released when we feel something pleasurable or positive. That is why they are also called "happy hormones." The term dopamine dressing in interior decor was introduced as part of the broader ''comfort core'' trend – turning to joyful decorating and design frivolity as a form of escapism.

If you're looking to give this happy spark to your home decor this year, try to fully commit to vivid colours like zesty yellows, punchy pinks, and brilliant blues. You can also boost your decor with colourful art, wallpapers, and mood-lifting accents.