1. Creating A Space That Encourages Tranquility

    Creating A Space That Encourages Tranquility

    The world has become fast-paced and rather raucous with increasing urbanization. Hustle culture and ‘grinding’ towards success are becoming the norm, meanwhile many are seeking the quiet repose in the midst of the rat race. They are embracing hygge, the Danish concept of “coziness and comfortable conviviality”, incorporating a calm into their life. 


    Tranquility is a state of peace and contentment, found in places where man-made noise is at a minimum and only natural sounds like chirping of birds, or the burbling of a stream exists. While this is essentially a quality of nature, curiously enough, architects are attempting to bring hygge into our homes for those who cannot afford to escape into the laps of nature to acquire peace. Creating a tranquil space in our homes helps us relax, relieve stress, promote longevity and alleviate pain. It is a way of life that offers many benefits, but most importantly, it helps us enter good spirits. Here’s how you can achieve a calm living space.


    • Declutter

    A general state of disorderliness can be bad for your mental health. Disarranged goods and untidy rooms are strongly linked to mental unrest. Removing the clutter from your rooms also declutters your minds. So, organize your disheveled clothes, stack your books neatly on shelves, and store away unused items in storage spaces. You’ll experience a palpable shift in your mental state. 


    • Go M
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  2. Styling Outdoor Furniture For The UAE Weather

    Styling Outdoor Furniture For The UAE Weather

    An outdoor living space is a thing of joy to everyone who likes the skim of a light breeze under the night sky, or feel the touch of warm sun as you sip on your favorite drink. Whether it is a private space where you like to spend your ‘me time’ in the company of nature or a place to host your soiree’s, styling them with outdoor furniture is a must for the experience. While the UAE may experience the extremes of the desert climate during the summer, during the cooler months, however, weather becomes a friend to all outdoor enthusiasts. 


    Unlike styling your indoors, outdoor furniture must be chosen with particular care and prudence as they will be constantly exposed to the changing weather conditions. The right furniture helps you achieve your desired aesthetic, will be well within the budget and offer durability. You should consider several factors before making an investment in outdoor furniture because it can make or break the quality of your outdoor experience.


    Know The Purpose

    You cannot begin furnishing your outdoor living without having a clear idea about the purpose the space serves and corresponding layout. Whether you need a barbecue counter, or buffet counters depend entirely upon your intended usage of the room. How many people are going to use it? Do you want it to reflect the personality of your home? Do you need lounge sets to add seating space? These questions about the functionality of the space will help you understand the specific furniture requirement and the style you want for your outdoor experience.


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  3. A Guide To Choosing The Right Dining Table For You

    A Guide To Choosing The Right Dining Table For You

    Handpicking your home furniture is absolutely essential to achieving your ideal home. Dining spaces can add defining character to your home, and the right dining table is, therefore, a critical piece of furniture. Choosing a dining table which blends impeccably into your home’s architectural style, space, and interiors is decisive. The perfect dining table is affordable, durable, fits your space, and has an ageless sophistication. Choosing your style is the most basic challenge; it’s important to not jump in on the bandwagon of purchasing trendy pieces because chances are, you will regret it when the fad wanes. Instead, invest in timeless designs and sturdy furniture which retain its elegance and strength. But beyond appearances, there are several factors that need consideration. Dining table is a staple feature of a dining space and it comes in so many varieties that it leaves many details to be thoroughly studied:


    • Consider Your Needs

    Having a comprehensive understanding of your needs, in terms of seating, space, and the purpose the table will serve can be a good starting point. If the intention is to use it as a dining place alone, what you need is a durable and easy to clean table whereas if it is for primarily special occasions, a little extravagance can give your dining hall an exciting flair.  The number of people it should accommodate is also an important priority as a two seater table would be apt for a small space, and depending upon the space and need, you can go for a four, six, or eight seater. 


    • Choose The Right Material 

    Deciding upon the right material is challenging. You

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