1. Welcome to Scandinavian Sleeping and Living

    Welcome to Scandinavian Sleeping and Living

    JYSK is a 40 year old brand born from the dream of its owner Lars Larsen. Early in his life, Larsen worked as an apprentice in a bedding store. Larsen save from his wage on monthly basis to get to have a tiny capital to open his first shop in a small town in Denmark called Aarhus. The store was an exceptional success, and was followed by the opening of the second store just 14 days later, and since JYSK has been opening an average of two stores every week.

    40 years later, JYSK has more than 2800 stores worldwide, and is available in more than 52 countries.
    The UAE stores were celebrated as stores of country number 50 for JYSK to enter and have been received with an overwhelming demand for quality products that don’t break the bank.
    Known for its “Value for money” motto, JYSK strives to offer Scandinavian sleeping and living for all budget level. JYSK covers all bedding needs, home furniture, bed linen, bathroom accessories, home accessories and garden furniture.JYSK UAE
    Core products at JYSK are divided into three categories: Basic, Plus and Gold. Each category represents the level of quality and price always keeping in mind to provide superior quality at affordable price.
    JYSK’s mattresses and pillows will put the lightest sleeper into deep sleep. Our pillows are either natural, fiber or memory foam. Our mattress range also covers spring, box or foam: making sure that your preference is available in our stores.
    Our 40 years expertise in good night sleep keep our customers coming back. Our store managers are trained in Denmark, and attend the sleep academy in order to provide the most suitable product based on your preferences and taste. Each year JYSK sells millions of duvets, pillows and mattresses, we truly are the experts in good night sleep. We will help you choose what’s right for you, your

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