1. The Importance of Creating Separate Spaces For Work & Leisure At Home

    The Importance of Creating Separate Spaces For Work & Leisure At Home

    For most organizations, working from home is becoming the norm. In Dubai alone, more than 62% of respondents in a survey reported working remotely, while in Abu Dhabi, the figure reached as high as 51%, up from 18% prior to the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As employees in the UAE prefer the option of working remotely over the long term, creating separate spaces at home for work and leisure becomes essential. Continue reading to find out why. Essence of Separating Work and Leisure Spaces Productivity Our homes are typically intended for resting, relaxing, and spending time with family. With this, you may find it difficult to concentrate working as you may be distracted by noise or tempted by leisure activities. This is why it is essential to designate a separate space for each. To foster productivity, make sure that you have everything you need for working, such as computer desks and office chairs, and keep them in a place where you can concentrate the most. This will help you maximize your productivity even at home, and allow you to create a sense of separation between leisure and work. Professionalism Did you know that an average worker can spend at least three to five hours in a week for virtual meetings? This makes it essential to invest in a conducive environment with less noise and distraction, as well as a good and polished background setup, both of which can only be achieved by separating spaces for work and leisure. Joining a meeting with bedframes, clutter, and even pets behind you can hardly make you look professional. Although it is unavoidable in some cases, especially those living in small apartments or homes, this can always be made to work by utilizing furniture, wall shelves, and curtains to create a sense of separation. Health Experts say that fully remote workers are now experiencing more burnout than on-site employees. This may be due to their inability to disconnect, which is evident when they start working while
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  2. Using Furniture To Divide Open Floor Rooms

    Using Furniture To Divide Open Floor Rooms

    By prioritizing open spaces and minimizing separations between areas, open floor plans are ideal for those who prefer airy spaces filled with natural light. This type of architectural design merges traditional common rooms in a single space, maximizing the floor area while promoting communication and ease of movement among people living within the same house. However, in order to get the most out of open spaces and ensure that traditional areas remain functional, dividing the floor area becomes essential. To this end, using furniture is the most ideal option. A Lounge Set for Living Rooms Using a lounge set can be a great way to create a sense of separation between the living area and the rest of the space. As chairs and sofas turn their backs on other "rooms," it can create a divided section and define the purpose of such specific space without the need for walls. For optimal design, place the lounge set in front of a fireplace to create a dramatic visual, or in front of a television to make it appear more functional. Using a console table behind the largest sofa is also ideal to add definition and height, strengthening the visual barrier. Regardless, all these will indicate a distinct purpose in comparison to the other areas of the open space. Using Rugs to Divide Areas Another way to visually signal the differences between areas in an open space is to use rugs. Not only can they enhance the decor in the right styles and colors, but they can also be great for minimizing noise and making areas look less cluttered when multiple activities are happening within the floor. An ideal rug is one that fits the main sets of furniture, such as the lounge set or a dining set as it can enhance their physical division. Creating a Sense of Privacy With a Shelf Shelves are great for a more dramatic visual. Through these, you can maintain the openness of your area while keeping them simultaneously separated. A cube shelf is perfect for this – it is not o
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  3. Elements Of A Productive Study Space

    Elements Of A Productive Study Space

    Our brains are capable of many functions and processes that can help us study and learn better. However, as much as they are remarkable, they nevertheless require us to concentrate and focus in order to be in a proper disposition. Especially now that online classes and remote work are becoming the norm, there is a need for us to invest in more conducive environments that can help our brains maximize their functions for us to be in a state of learning. Usually, this can be achieved through a productive study space. Here are some of the most important elements that can make your study space more conducive. Comfortable Study Desk and Office Chair To become productive, one must feel at ease in his or her environment. This is especially true with studying. Staying in a conducive area can help you concentrate and stay comfortable in one place through long hours of work, minimizing the possibility of getting distracted as you switch places and positions. To this end, a comfortable study desk and office chair becomes a must-have. But how do you know whether they can help you study in comfort over the long term? Ideally, when you sit, the top of your desk should position between your waist and your ribcage, allowing you to work without hunching. You should look for a study desk and an office chair with a good height, one where you can also support your posture comfortably. This will allow you to keep your back in proper place throughout long hours of studying without putting you at risk for back and neck pains. Wall Shelves and Storages According to studies, the visual distraction caused by a cluttered environment can reduce our working memory and increase cognitive overload, reducing our ability to focus, process information, and be productive. However, the longer you study and sit at your desk, the more likely clutter will accumulate as you try to keep everything you need within easy reach. Avoid this by having a clean, well-organized study area by investing
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  4. Smart Garden Accessories That Brings Your Outdoor Space To Life

    Smart Garden Accessories That Brings Your Outdoor Space To Life

    Being the livelier extension of your personal space, your garden can be a place where a lot of moments can happen. It can be where you relax, get in touch with nature, meditate, and even spend time with your family, friends, and pets. But how can you make this extension comfortable and livable all year round – one that can be a place both for rest and recreation? The simple answer would be to decorate it using garden accessories that can bring your outdoor area to life. Staying Comfortable With a Garden Lounge Set Your garden can be a great area to rest and find peace of mind. As you stay close to nature and breathe fresh air, you can take your worries away and just clear your head. However, without the proper seats and lounges, you may find yourself opting to just stay indoors instead for better comfort. With a garden lounge set, you can stay comfortable and more at ease lounging around your outdoor area. You would have a comfortable place to sit, read, eat, or even sleep as you cozy up on soft cushions. With the right colors, materials, and style, you can also have your garden looking more sleek and pleasing. This will help you feel more sheltered as you stay in a homely environment. Make It Memorable With Garden Gazebo Some days, you may find yourself wanting to be with your family and friends, have an intimate date night with your partner, or just simply treat yourself to a nice and fancy meal, but find it difficult to look for a place you want to spend it at. This is where the advantage of having a garden gazebo comes to play. Having a garden gazebo can benefit you in a lot of ways. With it, you can hold intimate gatherings, date nights, and have some fancy “me time.” You can decorate it with cozy garden lounge sets, fairy lights, and even hanging plants to make it more cozy and inviting. This can also serve as a shade in the morning when you relax and meditate, and a place to shelter as you get some fresh air at night. Be Closer to Na
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  5. Creating Study Nooks At Home

    Creating Study Nooks At Home

    We've all heard that working from home is on the rise, which means we've all spent our fair share of days at the dining room table. While many of us don't have the luxury of designating a spare room for this purpose, creating a functional and study nook is easier than you think with a little creativity and the help of a handyman. Slim desks are a great way to turn a low-traffic hallway into a dedicated study zone, while custom joinery and floating shelves are the easiest way to make the most of spare space. Look for furniture that isn't too heavy or bulky if you want to keep your study nook small. Choose a chair that can support you for several hours while also taking up little space on the floor. You'll also want to think vertically when it comes to storage to make sure you don't take up too much space in the house. We've come up with some inventive ways to make a study nook that will inspire you to try it out in your own home. Combination of a Bench Top and a Floating Shelf A basic configuration for any home study nook is a bench top with one or two floating shelves above. The bench top serves as a work surface, while the shelving can be used for storage or display. Make sure you have enough task lighting and that power outlets are located high enough beneath the bench top so that cords are hidden. The bench top can be fitted with a cable hole and a cover to allow cords to be fed through. In this case, a small portion of the adjacent room has been taken to accommodate this arrangement. The Study Nook in the Bedroom A desk-top and shelving design is a smart addition to a bedroom if you have the space. The adjacent wardrobe doors have been beautifully balanced with this nook, using the same palette of finishes to create an elegant and seamless design. A slimline chest drawer integrated beneath the bench top is a great way to add hidden storage space for all those small items. When not in use, this nook can be used as a display and storage area for
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  6. Easy Ways To Update Any Space In Your Home

    Easy Ways To Update Any Space In Your Home

    We all yearn for the comforts of a well-designed, cozy home. While many do-it-yourselfers work tirelessly on their homes and appear to be constantly updating or renovating—- this is not possible for those of us who don't know the difference between a table saw and a drill. Of course, the latter group could simply hire someone to renovate their homes for them, but this would entail messy and expensive renovations. Anyone who has done a major renovation knows how much money it costs and how much mess it makes. How can we modernize our homes without undertaking major renovations? We want updates that everyone, not just the handy do-it-yourselfers, can do. Here's our response: Make Room for Open Space in Your Home When it comes to home buying and ownership, open floor plans are at the top of the list. Homeowners prefer an open floor plan in which the kitchen, family room, and dining room are all connected. Furthermore, formal dining rooms appear to be out of style. A variety of ways to brighten up your home. Some of the simpler methods include purchasing bright colored dining tables or coffee tables, and floor lamps for your home. Place a couple of tall floor lamps in dark corners and watch your space come to life. Layer this lighting with lamps on side tables to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Then, if you're feeling daring, you can replace all of those out-of-date ceiling fixtures with the stunning modern masterpieces available on the market. Of course, this last step may necessitate hiring an electrician for installation, but if you're handy, replacing a ceiling fixture isn't too difficult. Whether you go all out and replace all your ceiling fixtures or keep it simple with floor lamps. Modernize Your Window Treatments Windows appear to be frequently overlooked. Homeowners struggle to decide which style would best suit the room, so they give up and leave the windows bare or simply install simple blinds for privacy. The thing is, windows b
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  7. Small Bathroom Ideas That Can Make Big Differences

    Small Bathroom Ideas That Can Make Big Differences

    Are you looking for small bathroom ideas to make the space appear larger? Most of Dubai is as well. A small bathroom is one of the more difficult spaces to decorate due to the lack of square footage, limited natural light, and the number of fixtures to fit in. When done correctly, however, the entire room can appear brighter and more spacious. These small bathroom design ideas go beyond making the most of the available space to show that bold design elements can work in even the smallest spaces. Here are the best ways to make powder rooms, half-baths, and even small, sometimes windowless bathrooms feel more spacious and enjoyable. Your small bathroom could become your new favorite space. Colors should be light and bright A wood floor and vanity add warmth and serenity to this city bathroom. The window reflects natural light in a soft mint-green hue. Opt to use a bright colored bath matThe space around the freestanding tub, as well as the lightweight bathroom curtain fabric that allows maximum light in, make the room feel more open. Increase your Use of Dark Colors Small bathrooms, which are typically windowless, should be painted in a dark color. It adds depth and gives the impression of more space. The color will give the impression of a big night sky while also reflecting the little light you have. Because this will draw attention to the light fixtures, you'll want to choose them carefully—bright bulbs with lots of light, shapes you don't mind being bold. Make a Wall Mirror Consider mirroring the entire wall of your small bathroom rather than just the vanity. Light and pattern reflections and, occasionally, the open door will do the same job as a window. Bring the Curtains Up If you have the option of deciding where your shower curtain goes, pull it all the way up past the tub's normal height. Extending the curtain nearly to the ceiling will certainly lengthen the walls, and the higher your bathroom ceiling, the more this will help.
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  8. Adding Comfort & Tranquility To Your Living Spaces

    Adding Comfort & Tranquility To Your Living Spaces

    Your house is your safe haven. It's a place where you can feel safe and at ease when life gets too much. Certain decorating choices contribute to that sense of calm, and how you decorate a space can have a significant impact on how you feel in it. A well-designed space filled with your favorite items can be relaxing and stress-relieving, whereas cluttered rooms can have the opposite effect on your mood and mental health. We asked some of our favorite interior designers for advice on how to turn your house into a personal haven. These decorating suggestions will assist you in creating a relaxing, stress-free environment that you will enjoy every day. Begin with a Neutral Color Scheme Bright colors are harder on the eyes than muted, neutral tones. Decorating with color is fun because it can be exciting and fun, but neutral spaces promote the most peaceful, sanctuary-like vibes. Use a lot of texture when decorating with white or light-toned neutrals (like cream, off-white, or taupe) to add interest. Layer in a variety of fabrics and subtle patterns to break up the monotony of flat white walls and smooth white furnishings. To keep white from looking too sterile, use warm colors like gold, pale tan, or faded yellow. Make a Colorful Cluster Add a few brightly colored accessories, such as pillows or throws, for a boost of happiness and positivity. Colorful pottery, vibrant artwork, a jewel-tone vase, and other items with intense color can help draw the eye and focus the mind. Cluster favorite accessories together to create a focal point to maximize the comforting effect. You can take in the collective joy of the items every time you pass by this way. Make sure to put it somewhere you'll see it every day, like a fireplace mantel or an entryway console table. Simple Changes can Completely Transform a Room A sense of tension can be created by simple repetition, and all a space needs is a quick refresh to maximize its comfort level. Change the look of
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  9. Creating the Perfect Ambience with Lighting

    Creating the Perfect Ambience with Lighting

    You may not give lighting much thought in your home, but it has the power to make or break the ambiance of your rooms. Whereas subtle, muted lighting may be appropriate in one room, energizing, bright lighting may be required in another. How can you tell which one is which? Check out these five ways to improve ambiance just by changing your lighting. You can change the mood of a space with lighting, whether it's task lighting, accent lighting, or ambient lighting, to embrace the natural feel of any room in your home.


    1. Make Guests Feel At Home


    Make a good first impression on your visitors with your home's entryway. This means investing in the right kind of cheerful, welcoming lighting to put people at ease. An overhead light that isn't too bright or too dim, with a dimmer switch that allows you to control the amount of light for the perfect mood, is a great way to achieve this. Chandeliers, large lanterns, and recessed lights are examples of lighting that work well in this space.


    1. Accent Lighting Can be Used to Create Focal Points


    A focal point, usually one that highlights a source of pride, is often used to create ambiance in a room. This could be a piece of wall art, a fireplace, a bookcase, or an architectural feature that is visually interesting and unique. Recessed lights, for example, that illuminate awards or trophies on a mantle or a spotlight on a prized piece of art, are a great way to draw the eye to the room's most notable feature. Accent lighting draws the eye in order to stimulate a certain level of visual interest.


    1. Boost Functionality with Task Lighting


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  10. Home Office Ideas That Help Maximize Productivity

    Home Office Ideas That Help Maximize Productivity

    The ideal home office environment strikes the perfect balance of comfort and productivity, allowing you to work effectively and efficiently while still enjoying the conveniences of working from home. The term "ergonomic" describes this emphasis on workplace comfort and efficiency, so keep that in mind as you shop for office furniture.


    You have complete control over how you furnish and decorate your office space at home. Continue reading for 10 home office ideas that will help you do your best work from home if you need some inspiration.


    Fake a Window with Wall Art


    There's nothing more depressing than a dark office, but natural light isn't always available. If your office space lacks windows, create one by hanging an image composed of multiple canvases. This home office decor idea will make your space feel larger and brighter, as well as provide some much-needed freshness to the dark space.


    Select Stylish Storage Options


    A filing cabinet is a must-have in your home office if you work with a lot of physical documents and files. You might picture a bulky, unattractive metal box when you think of a filing cabinet, but there are more stylish options available! Filing cabinets come in a variety of materials, colors, and styles, so you don't have to settle for a boring one when designing your home office.


    Make Space for two people.


    If there are multiple working members in your household, you may want to set up a home office with multiple

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