1. Best Floating Shelf Ideas

    Best Floating Shelf Ideas

    Floating shelves have become a staple of professional interior design, whether it's to define minimalism or embrace all-out maximalism. Their versatility is what makes them popular. They effortlessly create display and storage options without taking up any floor space.

    Unlike traditional shelving units, floating shelves hang on a wall with no visible support; thus, the name "floating." It is attached to the wall through concealed mounting hardware, giving a clean, uncluttered look that can help make any space look more open and airy.

    If you are considering floating shelves and need help figuring out where to start, here are some creative ways to style and use them, according to professional designers.

    Use It For Organizing

    If you live in a relatively small house there is always some challenge with space arrangement, storing, and organizing in general. Floating shelves fit perfectly in tight spaces and are extremely transformative in small areas where you need to use every last nook and cranny.

    Use it in your bedroom to store books, display frames, or even have a small vase or ornament for a touch of aesthetic. You can also use it as a display cabinet in small living rooms or halls which limits the use of home furniture. Using floating shelves to organize small spaces helps in adding a lot of personal character and style without overcrowding the space.

    Create A Statement Wall

    If you maintain a minimal interior style with neutral hues and clean, sharp lines, a great way to bring dimension and depth to the space is by installing linear, neat rows of floating shelves. Stack them with decors that blend well with the theme of the interior or those that complement the wall space.

    Color-coded books, vases, pots, ceramics, candles, frames, plants, or even small intricate ornaments can bring

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  2. Decor Trends To Define Interior Design In 2023

    Decor Trends To Define Interior Design In 2023

    The new year gives a great chance to contemplate everything that has happened in the past 365 days. It provides a moment to sit and reflect on what has happened and what is to come. This is especially true in the world of home decor and interiors.

    Leading interior designers have already shared their predictions for what homeowners can expect and embrace in 2023. Here is a quick run-through of the decor trends that are believed to redefine interior design this year.

    Home Mid-Century Decor

    The 60's and '70s decor will make its way back in favor this year. It will influence everything from interior color palettes to the choice of home furniture and complementing decor.

    Homes will shift drastically from the bright shiny "mod" city vibes to the rustic side of modern mid-century design. Organic shapes, uneven earthy tones, and textural finishes will play a key role in creating this style. If you want to incorporate this theme into your house, consider unvarnished handmade decor pieces with earthy-rooted details.

    Curves and Arches

    Sharp edges, a great hit in the past few years, will see a swift move towards softer shapes in 2023. We can expect to see more arched doorways, entrances, curved furniture, and rounded sculptural forms and decors.

    Interior decors surprisingly have a cycle. Not too long ago, the world followed a phase of modernism with more square edges and straight lines defining interior styles. Now we are about to see curves and arches offering a weak outlook on home architecture and theme.

    One of the simplest ways to apply this trend in your home is through sofas, armchairs, vases, mirrors, and other small intricate circle-shaped decor.

    Gallery Walls

    Another decor trend that is expected

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  3. Home Trends Designers Are Excited About For 2023

    Home Trends Designers Are Excited About For 2023

    Keeping up with the trends is one of the easiest ways to make your home look new and fresh. Especially for those looking to frequently makeover their house, being updated about trends is a must.

    The good news is that interior designers have already given us a sneak peek of the trends they are excited about for 2023. Here is all that we gathered from their insights. Read on to know if anything inspires a change to your own home.


    2023 interior styles will see a drastic shift from modern or contemporary house styles to those which bring the familiarity and comfort of the past. Vintage or antique pieces carrying a part of history or old memories will make a significant addition to modern living spaces. Warm wood, rich colors, heirloom textiles, patchwork blankets, tapestries, and antique rugs will feature this trend, along with a creative inclusion of nature.

    Adding repurposed antiques, natural textures, and plenty of layers for comfort and coziness can add more definition to this concept, especially in cold-weather countries.

    When put together with the right elements and home furniture, these nostalgia-inspired details will create an English country-style home that meets the needs of modern contemporary lifestyles.

    Warm Colours

    From the beginning of 2022, interior designers have been predicting a shift from cooler tones to a warmer palette. Now it's apparent that shades of terracotta, pink, and mustard are creeping into homes and furniture accessories, with searches for 'dusky pink,' 'brown,' and 'mustard' increasing among homeowners who are looking to get a house makeover.

    These colors are warm and relaxing and, most importantly, go hand-in-hand

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  4.  Interior Design Trends 2023: Must-Have Looks For A Stylish Home

    Interior Design Trends 2023: Must-Have Looks For A Stylish Home

    Change is the only thing that doesn't change, and it is why the beginning of a new year brings so many expectations and speculations across all industries. This is no different in the world of interior design.

    Particularly for homeowners who enjoy decorating and redecorating their houses, interior design trends make a big part of their decisions and almost act as a source of guidance to keep their homes as stylish as ever with every passing year.

    And now to the question, what does 2023 have in store for interior designs? According to insights from experts, here is a list of interior design trends that will be ruling homes this year.

    Mixed Era

    Over the past decade, houses maintained a clear distinction between either contemporary or traditional interior styles. However, this is something that interior designers believe will be left behind in 2022. Mixing pieces from the past and present has been an emerging trend since last year, and this will get even bigger in 2023. This is perfect for those who want to keep their homes in line with modern interior concepts but with a touch of traditional elegance.

    To create this style, you can use vintage stores or items passed down from loved ones or generations. The mixed-era theme will closely resemble the high-low interior design concept, which is mixing high-end items with inexpensive or affordable furniture and decor.

    Deep Reds

    The main colors used in ancient times for paintings and interiors in houses and temples were red, yellow, green, blue, and black. Red, especially, was perceived as a color of happiness and was a major part of auspicious occasions. It was also a colour often used by high-class people or royal families.

    In 2023, this red, or deep red shades, will make a comeback in interior designs. Burgundy and deep cabernet red

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  5.  How To Store Clothes Without A Closet

    How To Store Clothes Without A Closet

    Sometimes we all find ourselves in situations where there is a lack of closet space and clothes storage. While it's not unusual in many homes, it's important to deconstruct how you think about clothing storage and get creative with organizing.

    It is an interesting challenge that can be handled creatively. To help you get started, here we have compiled a set of ideas that can help you store and organize your clothes without a closet.

    Try A Wardrobe Rack

    If you're looking to mimic traditional closet-style storage, the clothing rack or a similar clothes rail is a great option and could work in just about any space. It is affordable and offers a boutique-style visual or interior to your bedroom. If your clothing rack is small, be strategic about how you fill it to get the most out of your space. Also, make sure to get racks that suit the size and shape of your room.

    Use The Space Under Your Bed

    The space under your bed serves as an excellent place to store a variety of items out of view, including clothes and shoes that don't find space in your closet. You just have to find baskets or any other similar low-to-the-ground containers that can slide under your bed. However, as these containers won't be easy to access like drawers or hanging storage areas, this can be a good option for off-season clothing or other shoes and accessories that you don't use often.

    Make Use Of Unused Shelves & Bookcase

    If your house lacks clothing wardrobe a little too much, then it's time to rethink how you use unused shelves or bookcases. You can use this option to store t-shirts, pants, sweaters, and any other clothing items that can be kept folded. Shelves and bookcases display your clothing in an easy-to-grab way. You won't have

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  6. How To Mix Furniture Style The Right Way

    How To Mix Furniture Style The Right Way

    Most of us don't buy all our furniture in one go. Even in a newly built or renovated house, there will always be furniture carried from previous homes or generational items. However, this doesn't mean you can't maintain a consistent interior style. With a bit of creative thinking, it is possible to mix different furniture styles without compromising your taste and preferences. Here are some tips that can help you out.

    Limit The Colour Palette

    One of the easiest ways to make a living room look coherent and composed, even if it has many furniture styles, is to ensure the interior has a limited colour palette. Try to compose other elements and furniture accessories in the room with the same colour range. Not only will this maintain consistency, but it also limits too much contrast that disturbs the theme of your house.

    Create A Link Between The Different Materials

    If you already have marble material furniture in the room, then try to add new furniture with marble details so it can complement existing furniture. It doesn't have to be big, but at least try to find something similar or that ties nicely with the existing items in the room, so it doesn't appear random. For example, if you have an antique brass lamp, try to have the legs of the coffee table in brass or opt for a gold picture frame.

    Think Of Scale

    When arranging furniture, it's essential to consider the scale, which relates to the proportion of the comparative size of items within a room. To do this, you need to be confident with what things you put together or how you arrange them. For example, oversized couches may look disoriented between two dainty tables. Similarly, a massive modular sofa will look contrasting next to a pair of small vintage

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  7. Bed Throw Vs Blanket: What Is The Difference?

    Bed Throw Vs Blanket: What Is The Difference?

    Most of us use the terms blanket and throw interchangeably. This is because we also think they provide almost the same benefit. But did you know they are not the same in the bedroom world? In this article, we will uncover the facts you probably didn't know about a blanket and a bed throw.

    What Are They?

    A bed throw is a tapestry-like throw used for the primary purpose of warmth and decoration. They are casual blankets that can be used for naps, decor or even just to keep yourself warm outside your sleeping time. They come in a variety of styles and decorations and can easily change the appeal and style of any resting place. Throws are used not only in beds but on couches, armchairs, or even porch swings to keep you warm when relaxing.

    Unlike bed throws which are not a necessity, the blanket is a standard layer that is required to add a layer of warmth to your bed. Blankets are thin, light, and larger sheets created to match the size of the bed and mattress. They are used only for beds since their size corresponds with the size of the bed sheets. Their only purpose is to provide warmth and are not used for decoration. Blankets add extra layering to insulate the bed, whereas a throw can't meet up to this requirement.


    Throws don't have to fit in beds, so the material options they have is endless. Normally throws are made using a snuggly and soft fabric which is why they make great napping partners. Wool, fleece, and cashmere are some common materials throws are made out of. These fabrics offer added warmth, durability, and fuzziness and make fantastic home decor.

    Blankets, on the other hand, are made using fabrics that give the bed a smooth and uniform texture. They don't have chunky knits or plush fuzz. They are also made using thinner fabrics like cotton,

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  8. A Guide To Choosing The Right Bed Frame

    A Guide To Choosing The Right Bed Frame

    The bed frame is the ultimate foundation of a bed that decides its comfort, style, and stability. However, choosing the right one among many available options can be quite confusing. Here is a simple guide that can help you understand how to choose the right bed frame by considering key factors.


    The first thing you need to consider when buying bed frames is understanding your budget or how much you're willing to spend. This, to a great extent, helps in narrowing down your choices. Next, try to analyse the quality you may be able to get for your cost. To know if a bed frame is worth the cost, consider factors such as good construction, quality materials, perfect stability, and ample support.


    If you already have a mattress, choosing the right frame is crucial to fit it properly. However, if you're purchasing a new mattress, there is much more flexibility in choosing the bed frame. If you're choosing a new bed frame for a new mattress, always consider the size of the room, how much space you need around it, and other bedroom furniture.

    Here is a look at different bed sizes and what they have to offer :

    • Twin -Measures 96.52 cm x 190.5cm and is the smallest option available.
    • Twin XL - Measures five inches longer at 96.52 cm x 203.2 cm and is an extended version of a regular twin bed.
    • Full-Double -Also known as a double, it comfortably fits a single adult at 137.16 cm x 190.5 cm.
    • Queen - Measuring 152.4 cm x 203.2 cm, this provides plenty of space for two adults to sleep comfortably without taking up too much space in the room.
    • King - At 193.04 cm x 203.2 cm, this size has an additional sixteen inches more than a queen
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  9. Decor Rules: How To Get Your Furniture Arrangement Right

    Decor Rules: How To Get Your Furniture Arrangement Right

    As homeowners, we all love decorating our house to create a space that is both functional and aesthetically inviting to guests. But have you ever found yourself in a situation where no matter what you tweak or change around the house, there seems to be something off, and you can't pinpoint what? This is where your furniture arrangement plays a major role in creating a house that emanates style and performance.

    Here are some simple decor rules to help you get the right home furniture arrangement and set the tone for the perfect living space.

    Take Measurements

    Before arranging your furniture, it's essential to measure the space available to work around. Take note of the length and width of the floor space from wall to wall. Taking these measurements will also let you pick appropriately-sized furniture pieces.

    Having a scaled-floor plan will help you avoid selecting furniture that is too large for the space and ensure that the relationship of the other furniture items in the room is properly balanced without compromising on walking or functional space.

    The floor plan lets you see what works and what doesn't, and it is much easier to make changes on paper than to move heavy furniture around multiple times until you get the right arrangement.

    Pick A Focal Point

    Once you have taken the space measurements, pick a focal point. This is a decorative art piece or an element in the room that you would like to highlight along with your furniture arrangement. A focal point can be a fireplace, a window, a mantle, or a media center. When you have figured out the focal point, arrange the furniture around it.

    Consider practical things that can affect the furniture arrangement around the focal point, like the distance and conversation area. It's also best to have the largest piece of furniture

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  10.  Smart Ways To Organise Your House With Baskets

    Smart Ways To Organise Your House With Baskets

    As homeowners, we tend to be overly conscious about keeping our house well-maintained. An organised house is essential to eliminate the visual clutter and a distressed environment and look inviting to guests. It also goes a long way in creating space efficiency, where it's easy to search and find things around the house.

    Instead of investing in expensive, space-consuming organising racks and equipment, here are some smart ways to use baskets as a versatile option to organise different spaces in your house.

    Living Room

    Baskets can be a helpful gadget to organise and create a clutter-free living room that is inviting to guests. You can use them to store pillows, extra blankets, and other items occasionally used in the living room. Doing this makes sure they are out of the way in the living room but are also within easy reach when you need them.

    It can also be placed next to a coffee table for storing smaller items like remotes, batteries, and consoles. Likewise, throw blankets can be kept in a basket near the sofa, and pillows can be kept in a basket near the lounge or armchair for easy access when needed.


    Baskets are a great way to organise a small bathroom without taking up much space. They make a handy spot to store toilet paper, towels, and other small items. You can also hang them on the walls to save more space and make use of vertical organising. However, when choosing baskets for the bathroom, consider options that are waterproof and easy to clean.


    For closets in dire need of proper storage and organising, baskets can be a lifesaver. They come in various shapes and sizes, so you can easily find one that fits your closet space. You can use them to store anything from clothes to jewellery.

    Start by sorting your closet

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