Turn a simple divan bed into a style statement with a fabulous JYSK headboard! If you want to add a personal touch to your bedroom, a stylish headboard might just be the best way forward. Choose from upholstered headboards or material headboards to suit your own style.  

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  1. HB GOLD H35 DREAMZONE 140cm
  2. Headboard 90x125cm DUNLOPILLO Grey-32
  3. Headboard 180x125cm DUNLOPILLO Grey-32
  4. Headboard 160x125cm DUNLOPILLO Grey-32
  5. Headboard 140x125cm DUNLOPILLO Grey-32
  6. Headboard 90x125 H20 PLAIN Black-10
  7. Headboard 140x125 H20 PLAIN Black-10
  8. Headboard 160x125 H20 PLAIN Black-10
  9. Headboard 180x125 H20 PLAIN Black-10
  10. Headboard 160x125 H50 STITCHED Black-10
  11. Headboard 90x125 H50 STITCHED Black-10
  12. Headboard 140x125 H50 STITCHED Grey-41
  13. Headboard 160x125 H50 STITCHED Grey-41
  14. Headboard 90x125 H50 STITCHED Grey-41
  15. HB HOIE200 l.grey 140cm
  16. HB HOIE200 l.grey 90cm
  17. Headboard 90 TEMPRAKON stitched l.grey
  18. HB TEMPRAKON 180cm
  19. HB TEMPRAKON 140cm
  20. HB PLUS H40 plain anthracite 90cm
  21. HB GOLD H35 DREAMZONE  90cm
  22. HB GOLD H50 DREAMZONE 90cm
  23. HB PLUS H20 DREAMZONE 140cm
  24. HB PLUS H60 DREAMZONE 140cm
  25. HB PLUS H60 DREAMZONE 90cm
  26. HB DUNLOPILLO 90cm
  27. Headboard 180x125 H50 STITCHED Grey-41

27 Items

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