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Bed Frames


Pick the right bed frame for your bedroom and you’ll be able to enjoy a stylish and practical furnishing piece that should provide years of faithful service. From single, double, king and super king bed frames to picking various materials such as a metal bed frame or fabric. Pick a style to suit your needs.


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  1. -10%
    Bed frame LIMFJORDEN 160x200 white
  2. -10%
    !Bed frame LIMFJORDEN 90x200 white
  3. -10%
    Bed frame VEDDE 180x200 wild oak
  4. -10%
    Bed frame VEDDE 90x200 wild oak
  5. -10%
    !Bed frame LIMFJORDEN 180x200 white
  6. -10%
    !Bed frame LIMFJORDEN 160x200 white
  7. -10%
    !Bed frame LIMFJORDEN 140x200 white
  8. -20%
    Bed frame MILLINGE 180x200 light grey
  9. -20%
    Bed frame MILLINGE 160x200 light grey
  10. -20%
    Bed frame MILLINGE 140x200 light grey
  11. -10%
    Bed frame FAVRBO 180x200 ak/white
  12. -10%
    Bed frame FAVRBO 160x200 oak/white
  13. -10%
    Bed frame FAVRBO 140x200 oak/white
  14. -10%
    ..Bed frame DALBY 180x200 oak
  15. -10%
    ..Bed frame DALBY 140x200 oak
  16. -10%
    Bed frame VEDDE 140x200 wild oak
  17. -10%
    Bed frame VEDDE 160x200 wild oak
  18. -10%
    Bed frame NORDBY/TINGLEV 180x200 white
  19. -10%
    Bed frame NORDBY/TINGLEV 140x200 white
  20. -30%
    !Bed frame KONGSBERG 90x200 grey
  21. -41%
    Bed frame KONGSBERG 180x200 grey
  22. -30%
    !Bed frame KONGSBERG 160x200 grey
  23. -30%
    Bed frame KONGSBERG 140x200 grey

24 Items

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