Bath Mats


A bath mat is soft to stand on when you come out of the bath or when you spend time in front of the mirror. With a bathroom mat you can also avoid getting sore and cold feet from the hard tile floor. 

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  1. Non-slip bath mat BERG 37x82 natur
  2. Non-slip bath mat BERG 54x54 white
  3. Bath mat BERGBY 50x80 mint
  4. Bath mat BERGBY 50x80 rose
  5. Bath mat BERGBY 50x80 grey
  6. Bath mat EDANE 60x90 light purple
  7. Bath mat FAGERSTA 45x50 rose
  8. Bath mat FAGERSTA 70x120 dusty blue
  9. Bath mat FAGERSTA 70x120 taupe
  10. Bath mat FAGERSTA 40x40 rose
  11. Bath mat FAGERSTA 50x80 black
  12. Bath mat FAGERSTA 50x80 taupe
  13. Bath mat FAGERSTA 70x120 grey
  14. Bath mat FAGERSTA 50x80 dusty blue
  15. Bath mat FAGERSTA 60cm grey
  16. Bath mat FAGERSTA 50x80 natural
  17. Bath mat HALLSTAVIK �65cm natural
  18. Bath mat KARLSTAD 70x120 dusty blue
  19. Bath mat KARLSTAD 70x120 taupe
  20. Bath mat KARLSTAD 50x80 taupe
  21. Bath mat KARLSTAD 50x80 dusty blue
  22. Bath mat KARLSTAD 70x120 grey KRONBORG
  23. Bath mat KARLSTAD 70x120 beige KRONBORG
  24. Bath mat KARLSTAD 70x120 natural KR
  25. Bath mat KARLSTAD 50x80 l. grey KRONBORG
  26. Bath mat KARLSTAD 50x80 grey KRONBORG
  27. Bath mat KARLSTAD 50x80 beige KRONBORG
  28. Bath mat KARLSTAD 50x80 natural KRONBORG
  29. Bath mat KARLSTAD √ò70 l. grey KRONBORG
  30. Bath mat KONGA 50x80 light grey
  31. Bath mat set LERDALA 2 piece set blue
  32. Bath mat MARIEBERG 50x80 bamboo
  33. Bath mat NOLVIK 50x80 grey
  34. Bath mat NOLVIK 50x80cm dusty green
  35. Bath mat NOLVIK 50x80 yellow
  36. Bath mat OLEBY 39x69 plastic
  37. Bath mat ROLFS 50x90cm grey SENSE
  38. Bath mat TOTEBO rubber 45x65
  39. Non-slip bath mat VITTINGE 55x55 grey
  40. Non-slip bath mat VITTINGE 36x76 grey
  41. Safety mat BERG 37x82 natur
  42. Safety mat BERG 54x54 white
  43. Bath mat EDANE 60x90 grey
  44. Bath mat FAGERSTA 45x50 grey
  45. Bath mat FAGERSTA 50x80 grey
  46. Bath mat FAGERSTA 50x80 rose
  47. Bath mat GIMO 50x80 natural
  48. Bath mat HALLSTAVIK 50x80cm
  49. Bath mat KARLSTAD 70x120 l. grey KR
  50. Bath mat KARLSTAD √ò70 natural KRONBORG
  51. Bath mat set LERDALA 2 piece set beige
  52. Bath mat set LERDALA 2 piece set rose
  53. Bath mat MUNGA 50x70 beige
  54. Bath mat MUNGA 50x70 grey
  55. Bath mat NOLVIK 45x50 grey
  56. Bath mat PUKAVIK 50x80 sand
  57. Bath mat TOBO 50x80 grey
  58. Bath mat TOMELILLA 50x80 rose
  59. Bath mat TOMELILLA 50x80 grey

61 Items

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